MRSA als Erreger von Zoonosen in Deutschland


The impact of zoonotic MRSA colonization and infection in Germany
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) causes colonization and infection both in animals and humans. In Germany, cases of MRSA colonization among humans, w+hich affect 0.5–1.5�f the general population and 1.0–2.5�f patients at hospital admission, are still mostly associated with previous healthcare contact and defined epidemic clonal lineages. However, MRSA is also distributed in livestock production in Germany, mostly without causing infections in the animals. These MRSA predominantly belong to the clonal complex (CC) 398, but also to CC9 and CC97. Zoonotic transmission of MRSA CC398 from livestock to humans occurs predominantly in people with occupational livestock contact. Spread of MRSA CC398 to household members of these persons is also frequently observed, but dissemination in the general population is limited so far. However, especially in areas with intensive livestock husbandry, about 20–38�f MRSA CC398 cases among humans cannot be epidemiologically linked to direct livestock contact, indicating other transmission pathways. MRSA CC398 currently causes about 2�f all human MRSA infections (wound infections, pneumonia, sepsis) in Germany, but up to 10�n regions characterized by a high density of livestock-farming. The burden of MRSA in companion animals was demonstrated to range between 3.6–9.4�ithin wound samples obtained from dogs, cats and horses, respectively. In contrast to livestock and horses, MRSA distributed in
pet animals are mostly associated with MRSA clonal lineages that are also prevalent in human healthcare facilities. Overall, zoonotic exchange of MRSA between humans and animals has relevant impact on the epidemiology of MRSA in
BMTW | Themenheft Antibiotikaresistenzen 27.08.2014


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 MRSA als Erreger von Zoonosen in Deutschland


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